Having a a mascot or character may be new to web design, but it’s one of the oldest (and smartest) tricks in the book for advertising in general.

Having a mascot or character is one of the best ways of imprinting a marketing message into the minds of consumers — and it’s a terrific way to get people talking about your brand.


Mascots have been popular in advertising since advertising began. Some mascots have become our most beloved celebrities.


Those mascots we have come to love — and more importantly — recognize immediately, include Ronald McDonald and his entourage (the Hamburglar, Mayor McCheese, etc,) Tony the Tiger, Charlie  Tuna, Frito Bandito, and Mr Peanut, just to name a few.


Mascots are hugely popular online too. Take a look at some of the biggest websites. They’re using mascots! Godaddy, mailchimp, Twitter, Silverback, Coupon Ninja, Host Gator and many, many more. Web designers have finally started to realize the full power of the mascot’s marketing potential for their clients.


The use of a mascot is not news to AdChix. After all, our background is in advertising. We can create a mascot for your brand that will make your website instantly memorable to your website viewers.