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Temptress rocks

Temptress Rocks website – This band is pretty awesome as entertainers go.

Remember when Phil Donahue wore a dress? Yep. It was when these guys/girls appeared on his show.

Remember when Howard Stern dressed as Miss America? It was after these guys/girls appeared on his show.

They’ve been on every talk show except Jerry Springer and Oprah. That’s a PLUS in my book.

They have the most often played version of “The Grinch Song” on radio … and a lot of other stuff that makes them pretty awesome. We designed the website, the logo and a lot of graphic work.

Temptress wanted a website that looked like a “bad tabloid” complete with “bad photoshopped pics” to go with it. Unfortunately, our friends Temptress passed away. We kept the website going for a while, but it seems her domain went away and we were unable to keep the site alive.

This was without a doubt, one of the most fun projects Adchix has ever worked on.

Temptress Rocks Website Design by Adchix



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